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From the dawn of earliest recorded history, man has been drawn to aromatics and fragrant resins that reigned over the ancient world. Fragrance-laden wax cones were worn atop the heads of wealthy Egyptian women, while the herbal concoctions of the great Greek physician Hippocrates healed the sick. Once these raw resins were obtained, the precious essences were extracted.

Inhalation and topical application of essential oils are some of the best known solutions for combating emotional circumstances, as well as stimulating countless other physical responses. From the origin of time to the space age, aromatics continue to exert a powerful influence over our personal health and well being as “nature's living energy”.


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Jusuru BioCell


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Stabilized Oxygen

ION Stabilized Oxygen

All elements in nature have a positive and negative charge. When we eat, drink or breath, we take into our bodies elements that have a positive and negative charge. Oxygen is the catalyst of life and therefore works differently. It is the negative charge of oxygen that metabolizes the positive charged food.
Since only the negative charge of oxygen is the beneficial provider for the body, any oxygen molecule carrying both charges could cause Free Radicals if our body’s supply of ATP is insufficient. This can cause disease, toxins and immune system disorder……and often does.

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