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What are Ion Drops?

ION stands for Ions of Oxygen with a Negative only charge.  Ion drops are a high concentration of oxygen in the molecular form.  Just like the oxygen that is breathed from the atmosphere through the lungs, ION moves from the blood to the iron atoms on the red blood cells and then to the cells of the body.

How do ION Drops Kill Harmful Anaerobic Bacteria?

Anaerobic pathogens are those disease organisms found in the earth, in food, in the body, and increasingly in our water.  These organisms cannot survive in the presence of oxygen.  the anaerobic bacteria possess a positive electrical charge. 

Processed ION drops carry only a negative charge.  As the blood or water is built up with this ION oxygen, the ION molecules seek out the infectious or putrefying bacteria and pull the electron away from the microorganism.  

The result is a dead bacteria, pathogens, and infectious microorganisms.

The process is the same, either in the blood, or in any water that is being treated.  We have not found an anaerobic disease, infectious or putrefying pathogen that it does not kill.  ION has a an impressive shelf life and is the only non-toxic, totally effective product available for water purification.  Ion has been shown to work as a bactericide and fungicide and to be effective against E. Coli.  For a listing of studies and conclusions please refer to the Research / Lab Reports on Ion Drops...

Note:  The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.